Kalbi NaengMyeon Combo … Make It Even Better by Dining Al Fresco
Steamed Eggs, Korean Style (Gyeran Jjim)
Mool Guk Su, Korean Somen Noodles in Beef Broth
Umma’s Bulgogi

Super Easy Shrimp and Veggies with Brown Rice


This is one of my easy and light dishes… stir fry shrimp with brown rice. ‪ Continue Reading →

Yuk Gae Jang, Spicy Korean Beef Soup

yobodish yuk gae jang

There are many variations of yuk gae jang. While it’s traditionally made with beef, some people use chicken. Some people add celery, mushrooms and mung bean sprouts. It really doesn’t matter. You just need the core ingredients: a lot of garlic, kochu garu, kochu jang, scallions and gosari. Continue Reading →

Mul Naeng Myeon Korean Buckwheat Noodles in Cold Broth

yobodish mul naengmyeon

Mul naengmyeon (mul means water, naengmyeon means cold noodles in Korean) is a cold broth-based buckwheat noodles dish that originated in the northern part of Korea. Continue Reading →

Easy Shrimp and Veggies with Brown Rice

yobodish stirfry shrimp with brown rice

For those weekdays when the last thing you want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen. This dish is loaded with fresh veggies, shrimp and served over brown rice. It’s crispy, healthy and oh so easy.

You can substitute the veggies. If you have broccoli or asparagus, even better. Be sure to add them last for bright green, crisp veggies. Continue Reading →

Dad’s Kal Guk Su with Hand-Made Noodles

yobodish dads kalu guk su small

From pork belly to Dad’s Kal Guksu with hand-made noodles, holidays are always non-stop feasting. And, Dad’s Kal Guk Su is always on the feasting list. Here’s the recipe for Dad’s Kal Guksu. Continue Reading →

Ode to Noodles Plus Noodle Soup Recipe

yobodish noodles soup

Ode to noodles and noodle soup recipe Continue Reading →

Shabu Shabu, Nam Style

yobodish shabu shabu

Shabu shabu is a fun, community dish. My family gathers at the table, with chopsticks ready in one hand and a soup spoon secured in the other. We eagerly wait for the broth brimming with the assortment of vegetables to come to a simmer so that we can scoop in and devour. As the official ingredients “adder”, dad gets a little anxious at times as 10 pairs of unblinking eyes greedily stare down the pot. I’m sure Khan’s troops showed more patience and etiquette. Continue Reading →