Kalbi NaengMyeon Combo … Make It Even Better by Dining Al Fresco
Steamed Eggs, Korean Style (Gyeran Jjim)
Mool Guk Su, Korean Somen Noodles in Beef Broth
Umma’s Bulgogi

Pho Gà Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Chicken… and Veggies too

yobodish pho ga

Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (ph ga) recipe to make you feel all warm and toasty, inside out. Continue Reading →

Umma’s Ge-bokkeum Spicy Korean Crabs 게볶음

Yobodish Umma's Ge Bokkeum

While Korean raw crabs, ge jang, is a popular dish, ge bokkeum (crabs stir fried) is not widely prepared/served in Korean restaurants. So, the only way I can satisfy my craving is to make this hot pot dish myself. Continue Reading →

Korean Bulgogi with Vermicelli Noodles

yobodish bulgogi

Umma’s bulgogi, Korean grilled beef, can be served in various ways. Bulgogi with vermicelli rice noodles and pickled vegetables is an easy, light and flavorful dish. Continue Reading →

Dad’s Bibim Guksu, Spicy Korean Noodles

yobodish bibim guk su

During a cooking marathon, you need to fortify yourself with easy-to-make eats with a kick. My dad’s spicy Korean noodles (bibim guksu) did the trick. It’s spicy, sweet and has a kick… more like a roundhouse. Continue Reading →

Cool as Cucumber Soba Noodles

soba noodles cucumbers nori

Heat and humidity. Yep. Summer is on its way. Here is one of my favorite summer-time quick fixes… super easy, super cool and super good… soba noodles with cool cucumbers. Continue Reading →

Bibim Naengmyeon or Jjol Myeon, Firehouse Spicy

Bibim Naeng Myeon

Call me noodle head. I come from a family of noodle heads. We love all types of noodles. My mom even bribed my sis to have kids with noodles. “Well,” she said with a sigh, shrugging her shoulders, “If you got pregnant, I would move in and take care of you. I would make you bibim guk su whenever you want.” Sis was pregnant the next year. True story. Continue Reading →

Grilled Rib Eye with Mango Peach Slaw

mango peach slaw yobodish

Yobodish grilled rib eye and manog peach slaw Continue Reading →